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My Noisy Shutter was founded in 2019 by photographer Jacque Leal. Having spent 12 years as a film producer, Jacque gained a deep understanding of art in movement. In photography she found a way to share her love and passion; capturing this movement - of life, of nature and of the world - in still images.


The aim of My Noisy Shutter is to offer artworks that transforms a living space. The company has been built on the belief that surrounding yourself with beauty and meaning can have a real and deep impact on your mood and outlook. The work is crafted to evoke positive emotions and make people think.

Drawing inspiration from nature, particularly the ocean, My Noisy Shutter has gained a reputation for perfectly capturing the essence of areas, scenes and moments. 

Add some extra beauty and positivity to your home. Browse the My Noisy Shutter portfolio today, and find the image that best captures you.

Some words from happy customers:

“You make it seem like time is standing still… your art feels real and magical all at once”

“I love the symmetry, clean lines and simplicity. Thanks Jacque!”

“Your photos turn the ordinary into extraordinary”

“I love the textures and points of view. The photos make me feel well emotionally; I imagine myself in that spot at that time."

exhibitions / awards

2017: Photo "Orange" exhibited at PhotoStart : Australian Centre for Photography - Sydney, Aus

2019: Photo "Power" is chosen to publicise the "Buy Why" art spectacle by Austinmer Dance Theatre - Aus

2020: Photo "Whale" is the winner of Teds World of Imaging Highly Commended Prize


2020: Photo "Whale" received the  MonoAwards  Highly Commended Award.

Monoawards is the biggest black&white photography competition in Australia and New Zealand  

2021: Photo "Byron Explosion" B&W received the MonoAwards Highly Commended Award. 

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