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Welcome to My Noisy Shutter, where we freeze moments that stir your soul and ignite your imagination.


Founded in 2019 by photographer Jacque Leal, our mission is to infuse your space with a touch of enchantment through our vibrant images.

Jacque's journey began in the world of film production, where she discovered the beauty of movement. However, it's through photography that she uncovered her true passion - capturing the essence of life, nature's dance, and the world's wonders in still frames.

At My Noisy Shutter, we believe in the power of beauty to uplift spirits and add meaning to your surroundings. Every shot is crafted with love and intention, aiming to evoke positive vibes and spark your creativity.

Step into the magic of nature through our dream state photography. Let our images transport you to surreal realms and inspire your imagination. Join us on this enchanting journey and celebrate life's little wonders, one click at a time.

Some words from happy customers:

“You make it seem like time is standing still… your art feels real and magical all at once”

“I love the symmetry, clean lines and simplicity. Thanks Jacque!”

“Your photos turn the ordinary into extraordinary”

“I love the textures and points of view. The photos make me feel well emotionally; I imagine myself in that spot at that time."

exhibitions / awards

2017: Photo "Orange" exhibited at PhotoStart: Australian Centre for Photography - Sydney, Aus

2019: Photo "Power" is chosen to publicise the "Buy Why" art spectacle by Austinmer Dance Theatre - Aus

2020: Photo "Whale" is the winner of Teds World of Imaging Highly Commended Prize

2020: Photo "Whale" received the  MonoAwards  Highly Commended Award. The Monoawards is the biggest black&white photography competition in Australia and New Zealand  

​2021: Photo "Byron Explosion" B&W received the MonoAwards Highly Commended Award.

2021: Photo "Whale" is exhibited at PhotoStart: Australian Centre for Photography - Sydney, Aus

2022: Photo "Alien" - Animal & Nature Commended Award - Photographer of the Year 2022 

2022: Photos "Whale", "Sacred" & "Serenity" exhibited at Naidoc Week Exhibition @107 Projects Gallery - Sydney, Aus

​2023: Photo "Alien" in B&W received the MonoAwards Highly Commended Award

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