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Interview for Karina Thomazella Interiors:

The photographer, Jacque Leal, is from São Paulo, Brazil, but adopted Sydney, Australia as her new home. Her interest in art and photography began very early, she spent 12 years working as a film producer, but in photography she felt a real connection between nature and capturing movement to turn into art. Since then, Jacque has maintained an elaborate commitment to offering works that transform the environment. In 2020, her photo “The Whale” won the “Ted’s World of Imaging Highly Commended Prize” & “Highly Commended Award” for MonoAwards.


Tell us a little bit about your work?

I founded “My Noisy Shutter” in 2019 in Australia. After 12 years working as a film producer, I acquired a deep knowledge of art in motion. In photography I found a way to share my love and passion; capture that movement - of life, nature and the world - in still images. The purpose of “My Noisy Shutter” is to offer works of art that transform an environment. The company was built on the belief that surrounding yourself with beauty and meaning can have a real and profound impact on our mood and outlook. The work is designed to evoke positive emotions, make people think and feel connected to the work. Inspired by nature, especially the ocean, My Noisy Shutter has earned a reputation for perfectly capturing the essence of places, scenes and moments. The name of the company came from the shutter, which is the mechanical part of the camera system that controls the entry of light into the camera's sensor. Do you know the famous click noise? I joke that the one on my camera was always noisy and I love that noise.


How did you get into this artistic universe?

I entered this universe because I needed to visually express the magic of the places I knew and the energy that  the moment and the place gave me. I was always very imaginative and since I was a child I tried to see things in different colors or in slow motion. Photography allows me to create that way.



What is your creative process?

I spend a lot of time at the beach watching the ocean because my creative process involves being connected to nature. For example, I need to know the direction of the wind to get an idea of ​​how a wave is going to break, and from there I position myself. Either I watch the swell time, or when the tide changes. I also take into account the seasons as even the colors of the sky change. The time of day when I photograph also completely influences the work. The sun, the moon, the rotation of the earth. I try to explore our entire world and take into account all these forces of nature.



What are your inspirations?

Many artists serve as inspiration, but surely the one who inspires me most is an Australian photographer whose name is Eugene Tan. Eugene has been photographing Bondi Beach (the beach I live at) every day for over 20 years. More than 40 thousand people receive these photos in their emails daily and Eugene's photos never cease to surprise us.



What is your commitment and sustainable practices at the moment?

 I love the Earth and nature. That is why I have always taken the environment into consideration when developing my brand. From the packaging tape to the ink of the signature pen, I choose to choose biodegradable, non-toxic and recycled materials. I also understand that sea and air transport are responsible for almost 20% of the carbon present in the atmosphere, so I chose the Australian Post as our courier, they have the company's commitment to neutralize carbon emissions.


What are the biggest challenges for you?

I am involved in the process from creation, marketing, web design and administrative. Although the printing and framing are done in the laboratory and in partnership with galleries, I oversee everything. The biggest challenge is to reconcile the life of an entrepreneur, doing almost everything alone, with the life of a single mother.


Do you have a project in mind that you could advance us?

From a commercial point of view, I have plans to focus on the Brazilian Fine Art market, I have already started producing in Brazil and I have a great desire to take my works to my people. I am looking for partnerships in Brazil with architects, designers, other photographers and galleries. Once the borders are open, post pandemic, I would like to make an exhibition there. From a creative point of view I have been very interested in abstract photography, because I can have an even more subjective look, and I intend to bring news in this area.



You take art into people's homes. How is this to you?

It is a great pleasure to know that my photos  bring joy to the environments and provide well-being to people.

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